Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some boys and some girls

The Melgards hosted a pre-dance photo session for some of the Juniors! The girls all look so glamorous!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Homecoming 2009

Brothers before the dance!

Will and Nicole!

Jack, Anna, Will and Abby...neighbors!

Jack and Mariah

Alli, Taylor, Jack, Mariah, Niki

Bison Pride Day

The culmination of the homecoming week was Bison Pride Day...and then off to the football game. Here are Will, Nicole and Jack before the game.

Then and Now

In 1981 I went to school in London for a semester. My roomate and travel partner was Kathy Wierzba...pictured here sitting in our fabulous flat along with roomate Cory (gotta love those curtains!). This was a celebration for my 21st birthday! You can see that I was inspired by Princess Diana with my grey hat! Kathy and I still try to get in touch on our birthdays and now that I live back in Minnesota we actually get to go out for lunch! Thanks for a great visit Kath!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Class color day

At Buffalo High School, class color day is almost as important as the big game! And as Jack found out, you don't want to get caught in the Senior Hall on class color day dressed head to toe in yellow, while the seniors are dressed head to toe in really stand out!

Will getting stretched out and ready for the day before school!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

9.23.09 Cowboy and Indian Day

Will and Jack decided to put a Western slant on cowboy and indian day. They went as Mexican Cowboys...Cabelleros!

Jamakin me crazy day!

Today was Jamakin me Crazy Day! The boys left the house in full Rasta Regalia with Bob Marley blasting out of the i-pod rigged boom box! They said that some of the senior boys were dressed as the Jamaican Bobsled team! complete with a cardboard bobsled! Now that is clever!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

She's a 49er!

Yup, its true! I just turned 49...feeling pretty good for someone my age!

Neon Day at BHS 9.21.09

Today was the first day of homecoming festivities. The boys dressed up for "Neon Day"...good thing I had all that vintage Patagonia they could wear! Jack and his pal Mariah got first place for the freshman class!

Jack is fifteen 9.19.09

Really? 15? How did that happen? Jack had a little group of pals over to celebrate 15. He is so lucky to have a nice group of friends. Just started high school and 9th grade, drivers ed and homecoming dances. I think it is going to be a great year!

Junk Bonanza 9.17.09

Today I went to the Junk Bonanza. This all started back in the 90's and was called the Junk Market where 2 gals from Long Lake reused and repurposed old farm fixtures, furniture, wire fencing, you name it, they did it! They even wrote some great books on how to do all this at home! This year the Junk Bonanza was held at the horse track at Canterbury Park just south of the twin cities. I met my friends Therese, Laurie, Donna, My Mom, Sister Sal and her friend Char! We had a grand old time. Got inspired by all that old junk and plan to go home and dig through the junk I already have at home!

I loved these graphic prints of places in the twin cities!
Here is a very cool old wagon wheel that Laurie had her eye on!
Grandy found the perfect book...Youth at Seventy!
Sal found her initals... SF

Here is the Junk Crew... Mary, Donna, Laurie, Dawn, Char, Sal and Therese!  
We saw a lot of license plates cut up to make words like "Cabin" or Gone Fishing!

Loved these old fire hoses.

Remember the Gunne Sax Dresses? Circa 1978...I think this is the exact dress that I wore to Mistletoe!
Loved this Sold sign, we saw a lot of things marked sold bought by the "early birds"

This display was especially charming with the old lockers in the background and the vintage photos clipped on to the galvanized steel buckets. It is really amazing how they can make all this old stuff look so elegant!
Here are a few more ideas using the old license plate numbers and letters! So cool!
A cute young mom was picking out the letters for a plaque for her young son's room! I have a Jackson too!