Thursday, June 5, 2008

Buffalo Tri-athalon

The Elliott boys had a great day at the Buffalo Triathalon. They competed in the "sprint" course. They swam 1/4 mile, biked 10 miles and ran 3 miles! Will came in 8th, and Jack came in 12th in the 15 and under. Pretty good for first timers! They didn't even wear wet suits in the 63 degree water! YIKES!

This is Jack with Chris Legh. He is the australian athlete that had a little trouble at the iron man in Hawaii. Check this out! He is on the top of his game now and came in number one in this race!
These are the swimmers in wave 11. They had 25 waves of swimmers to stagger the amount of people on the course. Very cool!
Cali boys managed without the wetsuits!
Will coming in strong after the run.
Jack running strong...they had timers velcroed to their legs to keep track of every step and acurate time.
A nice accomplishment for a Sunday morning!

Wedding photos of the gang

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thanks to the Schlichtings for coming out!

A little black and white

You just have to love black and white. Even with all of the beautiful color at the wedding, I still love love love a good black and white photo! Here are the 5 2year olds...they are now 13 and 14 year olds but they were all born in the same year...1994 Holly, Brooke, Jack, Jake and Pete!
Nick and my Dad exchanging a very emotional hug...Nick is now wearing my dad's wedding band which is the wedding band that belonged to his father! So sweet!

The Wedding

What can I say? This was such an amazing event, everybody was present and celebrating and lovin the day! So very cool! Nick is going to be very happy! Kirstin is such a great addition to our family!

photos from the rehearsal dinner

At last I am able to post a few snaps from Nick and Kirstin's wonderful wedding in Fairmont Minnesota. It was such a fun weekend. The wedding was wonderful! All of the cousins looked like they were having a great time and Nick and Kirstin are a beautiful couple!

A little house fixer-upper

We have been trying to get a few house projects done. Richard painted the dresser (for $40 bucks from a garage sale) and hung the pottery barn ledge frames for me. I added in the artwork from the boys for now until we find (or create) the perfect art. Here is a before and after of that space.

This is the blank wall leaving our bedroom...It is tricky because of the vent and the wall switch. I wanted to put a bookshelf here, but cannot find anything that is the right dimension, so Richard hung up the little shelves we had in Redondo... I have to unpack the box of framed photos that I have and will post a photo of that as soon as I find the box of photos in the basement!