Friday, February 26, 2010

T House

Last Tuesday I took Richard to the airport really early in the morning (O'dark thirty). We have to drive down to the Twin Cities and it takes about an hour to get there. I thought I'd check in and see if I could spend the day with my dear friend Therese...the kicker is that I would be arriving on her doorstep at 6 A.M.! So, she agreed and her girls thought it would be ok if I showed up that early to see how things go in the morning at a "girl house"... Well, you'll be pleased to hear that there was no drama! Only cute girls who LOVE their mom and dad and listen to everything their mom and dad tell them to do! T and I got in the car and dropped off Abby and then Lizzie at school and then went back to "T house" for a lot a gabbing, coffee, blogging, redecorating and just general hanging out. It was FUN...we have to do that again SOON!

Lizzie made the best cd for valentine's day and I got a copy. Sorry to say that I do not have a cd player in my car, but I have been enjoying the love music ever since I got back home. I love track 4!

Here are some photos from "T house". It is such a darling, comfotable, inspired house.!

How cool is this old metal grate from a screen door?

A is for Abby

Ellie the dog!
A sunny living room

They were calm and they did carry on!

A new spring treat from pottery barn

What a great idea for a corner book shelf! T. house loves books!

This is the French Corner, or should it be the French Quarter?

Thanks for the great day T... let's do it again soon. XOXO D.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Torchlight Parade

The Saint Paul Winter Carnival has a fabulous torchlight parade each year to cap off the 12 day long celebration. My brother Jimmy was the "Prime Minister" of the Royal Family this year! During the torchlight parade as legend has it, The Vulcans overthrow King Boreas and the Queen of the Snows and melt away winter so that spring will arrive. I have not been to a torchlight parade for years! We had a great time and a great parking spot thanks to Jimmy...he got the hot pass and Matt and Kelly brought the motor home up for the warming shack! Hail the Prime!

The legend:
The Royal Legend

As the "King of the Winds," Boreas assigned to each of his brothers a permanent grant of great force and power. To Titan was assigned the blustery North Wind. To Euros was granted control of the irresponsible East Wind. To Zephyrus was given custody of the bountiful West Wind. To Notos was presented the balmy but unstable South Wind. The brothers cavorted gaily over land and sea. Boreas, while on his extensive travels, came upon a winter paradise known as Minnesota. He paused to behold the enchanting beauty of a magnificent group of seven gently sloping hills in whose embrace nestled a beautiful city. Boreas whistled in sheer ecstasy, "Historic Saint Paul and her seven hills! An ideal place. I will make Saint Paul the capitol of all my domains. It will henceforth be emblazoned to the world as the winter playground of the Realm of Boreas."

Meanwhile, Vulcanus Rex, the god of Fire, and the implacable enemy of Boreas, crackled in defiant disdain. "By the great sword of Mars I will temper the blusterings of Boreas with the heat and roar of my forces." He was tireless in his bitter resistance to all the festivities of Boreas.
Undaunted, Boreas proclaimed a celebration in the spirit of gay Carnival. "So be it!" shouted Boreas, "There will be a Carnival in old Saint Paul!" Boreas selected a Prime Minister to coordinate preparations in all the Principalities, Provinces and Royal Houses within the realm of Saint Paul.
And so, for ten glorious days, there was Carnival and joyous celebration in St. Paul -- feasting, dancing, fun and frolic reigned over by Boreas and the Queen of Snows, the fairest maiden of the realm, along with the four Winds, who were each accompanied by a lovely Princess from the realm of Boreas. Klondike Kate, a lady of song and merriment, added her sassy but enchanting voice to the festivities by singing songs of desire and sentiment.
Senior King Winter, Queen of the Northlands, and their court contributed good will and wisdom, while Junior King Frost and Queen of the Snowflakes with their court, add youthful exuberance to the festival.
On the 10th day of celebration, Vulcanus Rex and his Krewe stormed the magnificent ice castle and confronted the King's Guard. Upon the good counsel of the Queen, Boreas bade farewell to the people of his winter capitol in the interest of peace and goodwill, and returned to dwell among the gods of Olympus. Boreas and his court looked forward to the time when summer's warmth would once again relinquish its hold on the realm and the frosty atmosphere of winter would prevail.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bonnie's Valentine

My sister-in-law Bonnie (also known as Bunny) sent me the cutest valentine card this year. I thought I'd share it with you!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine Cards

Here is a peak at the collection of Valentine Cards we've sent out. We always lived far away from my family, so I got in the habit and taking photos and making these cut and paste cards! It is fun to see the progression from hand-made to digital! ENJOY!

Days 25-36

Over the past 12 days, the boys have been doing a lot of swimming, eating and homework. I'm still here taking a photo a day!

Here are the boys on the Luge run at Monti's!

Hoar Frost

What's that you say? Hoar Frost is created when solid surfaces are cooled to below the dew point of the adjacent air. It makes amazing looking crystals on everything from the tree branches to the christmas lights still hanging on our house (because it is too cold to take them down). The crystals look like spikes on a porcupine. Soo cool! Later in the day when the temperature changes, the crystals get blown off the trees and it looks like it is snowing all over again! Ahhh, Minnesota! Here are a few photos from my walk around the loop on this foggy and frosty day. January 13, 2010.