Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A golf cart jewlery sale?

What can you say when a golf cart full of girls this cute come by selling jewlery? I had to pick up a few goodies to give to the nieces for birthday presents? Only in Buffalo!

A frog in the garden

I was weeding and came across these two little frogs... Isn't nature amazing?

Relay for Life

Here is part of our team... The 6:00 photo time did not work for everyone, but we had a good showing. The relay for life was an incredible event for our family to honor Kay, LaVonne and Bonnie along with many other survivors of cancer! Team A-OK!
Some of the boys in the peanut gallery!
Purple signifies the survivors...this is Kay's bag!
Quite a nice line-up of those who have survived this terrible disease!
Kay and LaVonne on the survivor lap!

Luminaria bags for cancer

Our team (thanks LaVonne) had over 100 luminarias lit to honor my dad Kay...we were the A-OK team. Everyone purchased the bags at 10 bucks a pop to honor the people in their lives who have suffered from cancer. The money goes to the Cancer association for research...very impressive. It was amazing to walk the track and see all of the light from the candles! Very inspiring! And to top it off, the weather was spectacular. The boys and I walked until midnight...I think I walked 5 miles! and had some good visits with my family and friends!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

They are back!

They traveled 2200 miles 3-1/2 days! Pulling a trailer full of the last of our California belongings. It is good to have them all back!

Home improvements

While the guys were away, I did a few little things around the house. This big blank wall was a little daunting and I did try a few different things, but settled on framing some of the art work that the boys did in our hands on art program at Tulita Elementary. These were inspired by an artist named Wolf Khan who has done some very simple pastel landscapes. I hung the work up a little higher than normal so that I can still put some things on that little table below! I tried using paper the same size as the frame to tape up on the wall to get an idea of where to hang them and it really works! What do you think?

Jack qualifies for Nationals!

Holy cow, Jack Elliott swam his heart out at the state competition and his 6 man team placed 2nd and qualified for the National Junior Lifeguard Competition! Congratualtions to Jack. Thanks to our friend Whitby for the fabulous photos!

Cousin Mary here from Georgia

My Mom, Auntie Ann, Aunt Barb, Mary and I had a lovely lunch together on the patio of W.A. Frost in St Paul today. The garden is gorgeous this time of the year. The temp was warm and humidity high which is why I have a crazy head of frizzy hair! Lunch on the patio was delicious. Just down the street, you can get a nice view of the cathedral.


Early August and the corn is looking good! These fields are on my way down to the twin cities! They look green and lush!