Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Fernando

Our very dear friend Fernando turned 50 on the 4th of July. His darling wife Veronica had a little surprise party for him at "Eat at Joes" in Redondo Beach. Will had a John Wayne special and Jack had banana pancakes in Fernando's honor! XOXO

Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to the Beach

Redondo Beach View from Avenue C

After a fantastic week at the lake in Northern Minnesota, we drove home, unpacked, did lots of laundry, repacked and boarded a plane to Southern California. The boys started their sixth year of Junior Lifeguards on Monday June 28th...they are so happy to be back in the salt water.

Lots of Boys

Will and Jack really enjoy spending time with all of the cousins, but mostly the boys. Nightly bon-fires are tradition...

Cousins at the Lake

Here is a little digital layout that I did with a few of the photos from the lake. One of my all time favorite things to do is jump off the end of the dock. The younger generation is keeping up on this fine tradition!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Toy Sail Boat

One of our favorite things to do at the lake is an art project. Pat and Nancy came prepared with a fabulous craft this year that worked for the young and the old. Everyone spent an entire afternoon painting and assembling their own water craft... races were held the following afternoon!
Will deep in thought making sure his color choices were perfect!

Jack sticks his tongue out while painting just like Grandpa!

Maciek managing this table of older kids!

Zoe and her orange boat!

Many beautiful sailing vessels!

And they are off!
Fun for all!...look at Uncle Mike with Grace having a good laugh!

Jack and his cool red sailboat!

Francis Family Photo

Some years at the lake, we have a custom designed t-shirt printed by our very own Uncle Jimmy! This year he used a favorite saying of Uncle Gussy...Hi Ya Cuz! Uncle Gussy passed away this year and he will be forever remembered as the gentle soul he was!
Here are Grandy and Grandpa with all of the grandkids!

Here are Kay and Mary with the original 11 Francis Kids.
The Gang is all here!

Holly, Brooke, Jack, Jake and Peter all born in 1994 (we still call them the 5-2 year olds!)

Summer at the Lake

Lake Beltaine is our home away from home for one glorious week in June each year. We spend the days with our cousins, brothers, sisters, brother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, and parents. The days are long and the nights are bright with stars and a full moon. We eat we laugh we rest we play we visit we love! It is always an amazing week.