Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Will's Graduation 6.10.2011

Grandy, Will and Grandpa
It is hard to believe that we've lived in Minnesota for 4 whole years and Will is graduating from Buffalo High School. He has truly embraced the move to the midwest and had an outstanding high school career. We are so proud of you Will and can't wait to see where your future will take you! Go out and change the world! xoxo

Will's last day of high school! 6.10.2011

I can't believe he is heading off to college in the fall!

Buffalo Triathlon 2011

The 2011 Buffalo Triathlon was raced on an amazingly beautiful midwest summer morning in our little town of Buffalo, Minnesota. The prep day ran smoothly and everything was set up and ready to go. Will and Jack brought their "A" game and both had great times in all three legs...Swim, Bike, Run!

Jack, Britta Oden, Chris Legh, Katie Oden and Will!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Graduation Rumpshaker 5.28.2011

In Minnesota, the kids graduating from High School usually have a big open house. We've been invited to about 35 grad parties. Will wanted to do something a little different, so he hosted a Graduation "Rumpshaker"! Cousins Kenny and Pete brought some great music and worked as the DJ's. Lots of the kids came in "vintage" costumes...Those in attendance danced their butts off! After the music was turned off (thanks to our nice neighbors who didn't complain about the noise) the kids had a great bonfire! Good times.

Academic Awards 5.16.2011

Tonight we attended the Academic Excellence Awards at Buffalo High School. Both boys received some awards. Jack accepted his on stage, but Will had to wait until after the ceremony because he was teaching swimming lessons! We are very proud of how hard these boys are working in school!