Tuesday, March 31, 2009

silver spring house

On Friday night we were greeted with a lovely welcome sign at the Silver Spring House! My college roomate Maria is owner of this fine establishment in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Here is Maria and I!
Frieda(Maria's Mom), Maria, Me and Dick (Maris's Dad)...they look exactly the same as they did back in the 80's!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bunny's pamper party

My sister-in-law Bunny invited the girls over for a little pamper party. She made some amazing home facials with organic foods and we brought the feast and drinks. Bunny had a whole beauty school set-up for us to enjoy including goodie bags with everything we'd need to glamourama! Do you remember this scene from "Grease" "Beauty School Dropout"! These cards were on the goodie bags!
On the oh so green bulletin board behind the goodie bags is a photo of Bunny's grandma who actually did go to Beauty School back in the day! It is an amazing photo that inspired the event.

Around Bunny's House

Bunny's (actually Bonnie, but she is trying out a new nickname...Bunny! I like it!) house is one of the most comfortable of all the inlaws (and outlaws) in our family... She has a way of taking simple ordinary items and making them look not so ordinary. Over the years her home has evolved and gone through know the kid stage with all the toys and baby equipment, but she always had that eye for beauty without ever overdoing it! Mike and Bunny's house is always comfortable and a delight to the eye.

Bunny's facial recipes

LaVonne and I with the Chocolate Facial! Bunny gave us those nice white headbands in our goody bags! Oh, I felt so pampered! Thanks Bunny!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Swim at the U

Friday night we joined a big group of Buffalo fans poolside at the University of Minnesota Pool. It was really exciting to watch Nathan and JD represent our school! They both had great swims, Nathan placed 12 and will compete on Saturday. JD swam his heart out and just missed making it to the finals! My camera batteries died, so I only took a few shots!

Our Boys are going to STATE!

The Section meet was so successful for the Buffalo Boys Swim Team. We had 15 kids qualify for the second day of competition (last year we only had 2!) Will had his all time best swim in the 500 of 5:31.64 and Jack had his all time best in the 100 fly of 1:02.93. It will be fun to see Nathan and J.D. swim at State!

Did you know that there is a place where dolls can eat?

Here are the darling Ricard girls... Claire turned 7 and we got to celebrate her birthday at the American Girl doll store at the Mall of America! Here is Grandpa with Claire, Hannah, Grace, Zoe and Holly.

The birthday girl! 7 years old
Sal, Grandpa, Reen, Dawn

Friday, March 6, 2009

Boys team sections

Will and Jack both advanced to the second day of sections along with 13 of their teammates. Will got his personal best time in the 500 and Jack did excellent in the 100 yard butterfly! 2 of the boys from the Buffalo Bison team made it to STATE! The first time ever! Yay boys! I guess that short hair (or no hair) really helped!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Wanna get a haircut?

The Buffalo Boys swim and dive are heading to Alexandria this weekend for 8AA sections. Whoever wins will go to the Minnesota State Tournament, so all the stops are being pulled out! Hair is being cut and shaved to help cut times down. Here are the boys at the team haircutting party! They are both bald now!

8 more inches

Today we got 8 more inches of snow. It is gorgeous! At noon we received a phone call saying that school would be let out early...sooo fun!