Sunday, May 24, 2009

The work is just about done

After months of planning, plotting, asking for donations, etc...Jack and his crew finished up his Eagle Scout service project. The idea is fantastic for an educational butterfly garden at the local elementary school. I think the kids and teachers are really going to love this little spot!

The Butterfly has landed

Thanks to our dedicated work crew, The Elliotts, Stones and Sherman families! Here is the work crew doing their best imitation of Napolean Dynamite and the Happy Hands Club!
Garden Bench

Here is one of the Butterfly houses
The finished garden! Yay Jack

Can you smell these?

The Lilacs around town have just exploded this year. The blooms are incredibly fragrant and the bushes are heavy with flowers. This is one of the many reasons why it is so good to be back in Minnesota! There is nothing like the smell of lilacs in May.

It's good to be green

After such a long winter, it is so good to see all this green.

Baby Braeden David Francis

Nick and Kirstin welcomed Baby Boy Braeden David Francis (Brady) on Wednesday morning at 4:46 (Yikes). He is the 23rd grandchild for Kay and Mary, 11th Grandson (Kay's Lucky #). He had a rough time during delivery so he checked into the #11 of course! Isn't he just darling?
Proud Papa Nick

Lucky room 11

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Graduation from Emory

Last weekend we traveled to Georgia to attend the graduation festivites of our dear niece Jill. She graduated with honors from the nursing program at Emory University. We were blown away by the campus and program and are so proud of Jill for achieving this amazing degree. We lucked out in the weather department and dodged a number of rain showers. Click on any of these photos if you want to see them closer up. Congratulations Jill. Jill and dad Robert
Emory nursing banner

Jill's pinning ceremony

Jill looked so gorgeous and happy for her nursing "pinning" ceremony. In the old days, the nurses received a pin and a cap, but in these modern times they are just pinned. The Emory tradition was so impressive during this ceremony. We are so proud of Jill for accomplishing this. You go girl!
Here is Gina, Jill and Robert
Will and Jack with Jillsy
Marsha, Jill, Sara and Brad
Jill and fellow nurses

The pinning ceremony was held in this gorgeous church on the Emory campus. Jill receiving her pin from her advisor.

A happy and gorgeous girl!
The Pin!
A special day in Georgia.


Will is taking painting 101. He is working on an abstract piece inspired by Picasso. Will tells me he loves to paint and he will be a lifelong painter! Maybe all those years of Hands on Art did sink in! He makes his mother so proud.

hi ho hi ho its off to work we go

Tatanka Elementary Before! Marking off the garden edges.

Digging out the edge, placing the edging material and getting ready for the rototiller. Jack on the rototiller trying to grind up all that sod. This machine was a bear to operate! Thanks to Klatt True Value in Buffalo for giving Jack an extreme discount on the rototiller rental!

3 hours later and the sod was toast (and so were we!)Now all that sod had to be removed with a shovel and put in the trailer!
Mom was there to help too! Here is the plot of land after the sod was rototilled, and dug out by hand with shovels!
Digging out the post holes through the thick clay. It was way harder than we thought.
Mixing the cement in the wheelbarrow

It is coming along

Here is Will pouring cement in the hole to hold the post for the butterfly house.Weed cloth has been successfully laid on the entire garden, even though the wind was very windy!

Now it is time for the wood chips to be poured.

Jack had lots of help from kids from Tatanka Elementary!