Monday, September 19, 2011

Hi Laura

Evan White came to visit us in Minnesota. On the way back from the airport, they decided to give Laura O'Neill a call...they talked to her for about 15 minutes and everytime they switched talkers they said "Hi Laura!"

Minnesota Grad Parties!

4th of July parade Annandale MN

A tradition in Annandale is the 4th of July parade. This year Richard was a driver for Country Chev. We joined about 12 others and had a nice showing of new and old Chevys. The day was gorgeous and the crowds at the parade were amazing.

Here is the crew of drivers at lunch! Thanks Country Chev!

Later in the day we went out to the Melgard's cabin...such a beautiful day.

God bless America!

Rod takes the kids out tubing on Cedar Lake in Annandale.

A very cool cake made by Sheila to celebrate Monty's birthday.

Hail Hail...

Today we were just minding our own business. Jack was out on the lake water skiing, when some very strange looking clouds showed up and dropped some crazy hail (and dented the boys truck) on us. Boohoo.

Jack Flies

On Saturday June 11, Jack and I went over to the Buffalo Airport to say hello to Uncle Mike who was there filming for his tv show The Flightline. While we were there, Mike Wiskus asked Jack if he would like to go for a "little ride" in his stunt plane. Uncle Mike gave him a camera to film the flight (some of that can be seen here). Jack headed up into the air and I stood on the tarmack and prayed! Thank the heavenly lord that he arrived back down to earth safely!

Francis Family Vacation

An amazing, incredible, rainy, cold and sunny at the end of the week trip to Gull Lake with the Francis Family! We were able to get a good family shot with the entire crew...all 47 of us!
Thanks to Grandpa for footing the bill so we could all get together! xoxo