Friday, May 30, 2008

High School Art Show

Last night we went to the Buffalo High School Art Show. I was blown away by the talent. The students explored all kinds of media including pencil sketching, painting, linoleum block cutting and pottery. The older students had a project of making a clay piece that started out as the same round size and progressed from there. The pieces were sold in a silent auction and we won 2 of them...the sundae and the hockey stick. Here are a few for you to see!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Catchin up

I have been a very bad blogger! Too busy getting ready for the "Wedding". Pictures of that to come! The boys are training for the Buffalo Triatholon...coming up on June 1st.

David and Jess

My cousin David is getting married and I have been helping my Aunt Barb with the rehearsal dinner. As you can tell, it is a western theme...Here are some of the things we've come up with! They will be used to turn a typical midwestern diner into an old western bar and grille! Very cute!

Mother's Day

My darling boys made me breakfast in bed with a beautiful fruit and yogurt and home made muffins and GOOD coffee! It is a tradition. I have to say that the choice of food is getting better as they get older! I stayed in my pajamas until 3:00 in the afternoon and then we took a walk down to the lake and watched the boys paddle around in the canoe. It was a perfect day! Thanks guys! XOXO

random shots from a track meet

The boys are both on track teams at their schools. These are shots from Jack's track meet. He is running the hurdles.

We are really blooming now

Oh my, Spring was so delayed, but now we are bursting at the seams with flowers and green grass, green leaves and green buds. Amazing! The best part is that I didn't have to plant any of this, it just came up! Good job to the previous owners of the house! Lucky me!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Zoe on her big day

Here is my niece Zoe on her first communion day!

No teeth and all!

Zoe first communion

More photos from the party

Joshephina cute!
Kay and Mary
The cousins
Trying to get a good group shot!

Aunt Helen and Jimmy

Had a chance to go down to New Prague to see Aunt Helen with Jimmy. She is an amazing woman with so many wonderful stories! She si 93...she doesn't look a day over 80!

A visit to Aunt Helen and Uncle Walter's

Richard and I took a little drive down to Aunt Helen and Uncle Walter's in New Prague. The visit brought back so many fond memories of the weeks I'd spend with them in the summer. Most vivid of memories is going out to the garden and picking the fresh peas off the vines, shelling them and eating the green little morsels right then and there. I've always loved peas! I also remember going in to the chicken coop to get some fresh eggs... This is the place that my grandmother Marie grew much history here. The grape vine is thought to be about 100 years old! The place is looking a little sad these days. Uncle Walter has been gone for years and Aunt Helen is now 93. I hope to get down there more often to help spiff the place up!