Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday Willy Boy!

Happy 16th Birthday Willy Boy! You were such a good baby and an adventurous little boy. Have a wonderful day and good luck with your drivers test!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Why is it that my favorite color for the past year has been turquoise, but the minute the calendar turns to October, I just love orange? I just can't get enough of the vibrant feel of this time of the year. Happy Orange October!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A sign of fall!

Driving into town today I saw this sign... and had to "stop" to see the colors!

Happy 70th Birthday Mary Margaret Francis Moriarty Francis!

In Late September we hosted a 70th backyard birthday party for my sweet mother. We enjoyed our Francis tradition of Sara Lee pound cake and ice-cream! Everyone (except uncle Steve) was able to attend... That is 44 people in the immediate family and 1 on the way (Jimmy and Juliette are expecting baby #2 next April!

Kay and Mary...
Auntie Muriel "Crowning" Queen Mary! Notice that is a real crown, not just a Tiara!
Uncle Fred and Aunt Muriel and the Birthday Girl!

Can you believe this woman had 11 kids?

And here they are in no particular order...
Mary and Brother Fred (#7)
Kelly,Becca, Mary, Brit, Brooke and Brother Matt (#3)
Josephina, Juliette, Mary and Brother Jimmy (#10)
Richard, Jack, Mary, Dawn (#1) and Will
Sister Maureen (#6) , Mary, Grace, Claire, Hannah, Holly and Steve is missing...he is painting a house in Benson!
Kirstin, Mary, and Brother Nick (#11)

Lydia, LaVonne, Joanie, Mary, Brother Kip (#4) and Jake
Grant, Brother Pat (#5), Mary, Nancy and Coco
Pete, Kenny, Mary, Brother Mike (#2) and Bonnie
Micah, Violet, Brother JJ (#9), Mary, Maciek
Jonathan, Nathan, Mary, Sister Sal (#8) and Zoe