Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring is here!

Easter 2012

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!
The kids
Easter Tree
Kids Table
Adult Table

Happy Oly

Oly Saturday is a family tradition. My dad always gives up drinking for lent and at noon on Holy Saturday, lent is over. Since we are a family that uses any excuse for a celebration, Oly Saturday was born! This has been going on since the mid 70"s!!! It is always a great way to catch up with the family and lots of friends, even if it is in the rain!

Leap Year snow storm!

More Section and State Photos

It has been a great ride Jack!

An incredible season

Jack's Junior year swim season is over, but he sure raked in the awards! It was amazing to watch him put his nose to the grindstone in the pool and in school. We are so impressed with your dedication in all you do Jack!

Jack at State Swim!

After a very rough day at sections because of being sick, Jackie boy pulled it together like he does best and earned a podium spot for the 100 fly and another trip to the state tournament! Yipee! He broke the old school record with a new time of 52.87! We are really proud of you Jack!